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Sorry about that Junkies, I seem to have lost the month of April. No worries, that’s what post dating is for! And liquid because boy did we have a wet April. I actually had a plan to do all liquid reviews this April so I do indeed have the material. I just sort of ran out of April to do it in. Anyway, here’s the last of the Taste Nirvana coffee drinks that I picked up waaaaay waaaaaaaay long ago. Surprisingly, I have until September 19th of this year before the Thai Coffee’s drink-by-date. That just goes to show that it takes a lot to kill coffee!

For a quick recap, the other Taste Nirvanas can be found here (cappuccino) and here (mocha). The cappuccino impressed us not while the mocha was really pretty tasty, except for a slight wandering bitterness. That leaves quite a bit of wiggle room for the Thai coffee right smack in the middle right? Let’s see!

From the first whiff, there’s nothing really horrid about the Thai coffee. It smells of strong coffee that has been tempered with a “non-dairy creamer” and “full cream milk product”. That probably means that there is nothing spectacular about the smell as well and that too is a truism. It’s an…odd sort of mix of coffee, creamery, and faintly chemically but it’s not bad.

It is very creamy tasting. I’m not exactly sure what Thai coffee should taste like but if it’s slightly bitter, a little astringent but also possessing the coffee gestalt than this is that. It is also quite sweet and a bit thick, but smooth. It would make a much better mocha than a creamed coffee, but that’s because it’s really sweet and thickly creamy. Or non-dairy creamerey as the case may be.

Of the three Taste Nirvanas, the mocha is still the best and the cappuccino is still the worst. This leaves the Thai coffee smack in the middle then as a decent but maybe not every day coffee drink. You can do a lot better out there in the land of processed coffee drinks but there is also room to do worse.

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. S.Emerald said,

    January 18, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    This looks good and pretty thick….

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