I-Mei Lemon Chewy Candy

Posted in 3.5 Wasabi Pea Rating, Caramel/Taffy, Sweet at 12:50 am by Boo

As we round out September, I-Mei has a little something lemon taffy for the review. I sort of had a giggle about the “I LOVE LEMON” on the package right next to what looks a lot like a lime. However, you never know if there does indeed exist a green lemony thing in the vast areas of Asian snack food procurance so I dutifully Googled ‘green lemon’. I came up with bupkis. Well, unless you are talking literally a lemon that hasn’t yet ripened, in which case the all around advice was to leave it on the tree until it does. I imagine that a green lemon would be very sour.

These candies? Not so much the sour really. They have a nice sweet lemony flavor with a little bit of lemon tart thrown in there. They are not to LEMONY yet they do satisfy the lemon flavor parameter. They are kinda refreshing too in a decent sweet with a hint of tart lemony way.

The taffy is a little on the stiff side but not so much that chewing becomes an effort. It even lasts a bit longer in your mouth if you choose not to go the taffy mastication rout and instead let it dissolve on your tongue. Lastly, I like the neat little taffy ripple ridges on the candies. Heh. Oh yeah, and by the way, that inner wrapper is NOT edible. Just so you know in advance since I’d pretty much guarantee that eating the wax paper inner lining might detract a few pea points from your overall experience.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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