Beer Pretz

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Beer Pretz? But of course! How else would the JSFR celebrate the New Year? A toast…with Pretz!

Actually, I think these are supposed to be Pretz you have with beer because they are deliciously crunchy and awesomely peppery (perhaps a bit too much if you aren’t so fond of black peppery goodness) and perfect beer snack salty. Plus, Beer Pretz aren’t meeting beer like their pretentious wine cousins but rather hanging out with beer. They kinda make me want to have a beer while reviewing them which makes Beer Pretz a doubly good bar snack. I’d easily have a couple pints if there were also some of these Pretz on the table. Mmmmm.

My Favorite Guinea Pig liked them a lot but he is very fond of things that bite. I find that these Pretz are very zesty with the peppery, which isn’t bad, but I also taste a sort of smoky flavor in there. Favorite Pig says that it’s a toasted butter flavor and indeed it could be. It also might be cheddar cheese powder (!), vegetable paste, herb seasoning, chicken extract, onion seasoning or garlic powder. Good grief there are a lot of flavors in here. I’m not sure I taste any of them besides peppery and salt (maybe a bit of chicken but cheese? Hmmmm…I’m going to have to ponder that a bit).

These are a decent crunchity bar snack that would go very well with beer. They also go well with themselves if you like teh peppery. My two test Pigs liked them more than I did so I’ll give Beer Pretz a base 3.5 pea rating plus an extra half pea for Pig delight.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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