Alpen Salz Cratz

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Good day to you, Junkies and happy Cratz day. I just made that up actually, but I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from declaring today the official Cratz day. Let me think on that for a while while you read onwards about this new flavor of Cratz: Alpen Salz.

A tad back I reviewed Cheddar Cheese Cratz, which was my first Cratzing. The short and sweet of that review was: 5 pea cruncherific tasty cheezy nom nom nom!! Alpen Salz Cratz…which I’m going to take the liberty of saying they mean Alpine Salt Cratz (Alpen and Salz being German for Alps/Alpine and Salt), have that same fantastic crunch, little dense pretzel bits and almonds. They also smell herbalicious and have a nice bitey pepper and perhaps a liiiitle bit of garlicing going on. Oh and yes, salt. Is it Alpine Salt? Well it certainly isn’t Morton’s dash of salt that much is for sure.

The package also strongly suggests that beer would go well with this snack, so of course we had to try the serving suggestion. This necessitated a trip to the local pub since somebody drank the last beer a couple days ago and didn’t tell me we were beerless. There you have it, the JSFR has finally driven me to drink. Like their cheesier cousins, Alpen Salz Cratz is perhaps the perfect beer snack (psst pub owners: You might want to look into Cratz as an offered snack item). It’s crunchity with a nice spice and it complements beer nicely.

Of the two Cratzes, I think the cheese is the better flavor. I did notice that the Alpen Salz almonds were a bit crisper which is neither here nor there but tasty none the less. I don’t think these Cratz can quite reach the coveted 5 pea rating but I’ll put them at an awfully strong

Rating of 4.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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