Kim Chi Cheetos

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This was, I think, one of the first things on my “J-List wish list” (other than cod roe and mayonnaise food drops) for the grand 2010 J-Listing because Kim Chi Cheetos? Sign me up! I love when a traditional American thing (like Kit Kats or Cheetos) takes on a distinctly Asian cast (like Green Tea or Kim Chi). Somehow that’s very wrong but so perfectly right.

I let oft Guinea Pig LunarGeography have first pick of what we should review and to my surprise she thought she’d really like to try the Kim Cheetos (our new nickname for them). LunarGeography isn’t so much into the spicy but how can you not try Kim Chi Cheetos? So we did.

What would happen if a solid corn doodle like critter had a run in with a spicy pickled cabbage? I tell you what would happen…Kim Cheetos! They manage to get all the qualities of a Cheeto right; the crunchy corn doodle of snacky deliciousness, plus all the qualities of of Kim Chi right; SpiCAY pickled cabbage. The spice is nicely zesty – not too much for the spice intolerant but not so little your Cajun cousin would dis them. Plus, they are insanely addictive. If you left a pack around it probably would be gone in a half hour. As my favorite Guinea Pig said, in the infinite JSFR snack food buffet he’d always come back for Cratz and now Kim Chi Cheetos.

Rating of 4.5 wasabi pea out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. Munchies Blog said,

    May 29, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    These sound odd and I’m happy for you that they tasted good! I’ve reviewed some international snacks like desi beats flirty lime and was not nearly as fortunate…I’ll try to get my hands on these too!

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