Smoky Cheese Cratz

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CRATZ! Oh yes, I picked up some more Cratz from J-List and now I bring my and the Guinea Pig’s Cratz reviewing experience to you.

I’m not sure if this is a prerequisite but we tested these Cratz right after trying 4 different kinds of home flavored vodkas (bacon, black pepper bacon, Hungarian hot pepper bacon and ginger). You haven’t lived until you’ve had hot pepper vodka, let me tell you but in the end, we decided we needed a palate cleanser. It just so happened that I had some Cratz handy so we tucked into them. Neat coincidence eh?

If you remember back a ways in February Ought Eight I got a package of Cratz as part of a giant J-List Christmas present. They were delicious! The Smoky Cheese Cratz too have a delightful cheesy aroma (smoky cheese even!) and oh man, the crunch. Is there a better crunch in the snack food world than Cratz? If so I have yet to find it.

As far as smoky cheese flavor, these shine in that area too. Imagine a Cheese Combo but dusted with delicious smoked cheese instead of filled with cheese food like substance. Also add a super awesome crunchy and make the Combo about a millionty times more delicious. This would be Smoky Cheese Cratz. They also have a nice sort of peppery bite to them too. Mmmm. Sadly, the almonds, for whatever reason, came off as rather sweet. This did not play well with the cheesy deliciousness so my Pigs docked them a point. Cheddar Cheese Cratz is the superior flavor of the two tried so far but Smoky Cheese gets a respectable

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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