Going to Hell Drop

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Happy Valentine’s Day! To entice you with the thematic red, here are some Going to Hell Drops fresh(ish) from Japan. Heh. Going to Hell Drops. AKA Hell Spicy AKA Jigoku no Geki Kara. (Can you guess why I ordered these up? I don’t care what makes them spicy, the name and the packaging pic was worth the $3.95 (plus shipping). I also really kinda liked that little demon fella there with the flamethrower of spicy coming out of his mouth. AhhhhhhFWOOOOSH!

Hell Spicy Food Drops are pretty much hot peppery hard candy. The pepper in question tastes like it’s from the Chili pepper family and it does have a nice hot pepper kick to it as well as a faint peppery smokeiness. Check out the little red pepper flakes:


I wouldn’t go so far as to say that flames are coming out of my mouth though. Not yet at least and probably not in the near future either but there is quite of a peppery build up going on. As one Guinea Pig quipped, “These are like little menopause training kits!” Heh. I’ve had hotter candies that I could absolutely not keep in my mouth (Atomic Fireballs come to mind), but I’m at the wuss end of spicy lovers. Still, the Hell Spicy food drops aren’t nearly as spicy as a good, fresh Atomic Fireball. You may want to leave these alone if you don’t have a high tolerance for spicy, or if you don’t like chili peppers. If you do have the mouth of asbestos, then these might be a pleasant eat. They do what they set out to do and for that I’d definitely give Hell Spicy Food Drops a 3 pea rating. They don’t set your mouth on fire but there is a peppery burn that will make you sit up and notice, which I would give another 0.75 peas for.

As usual, I don’t quarter pea rating so when you read the Rating of 3.5 peas (out of a possible 5 peas), please mentally add that extra quarter pea.

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