KitKat (sparkling strawberry)

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Still dipping into the J-List stash, here’s a “Sparkling Strawberry KitKat” I ordered up. I do buy things that might be tasty every now and then but mostly I got this for my oft Guinea Pig Badmovie, who likes strawberry and likes KitKats.

For those of you who missed the announcement last KitKatting, I’ve added a KitKat tag on the sidebar of tags (or categories if you like that better). I thought I had done a regular strawberry KitKat review but as it turns out I have not. So much for my compare and contrast; perhaps I was thinking of the Cherry Blossom KitKat. If fact, I find I only have 5 KitKat reviews at all on the JSFR so apparently I’m either dreaming that I’m reviewing more KitKats than I am or I secretly want to review more KitKats than I have. Or Maybe I’m reading Other KitKat blogs or even Other Blogs with more KitKats in their tagged fields and thinking my paltry 5 seem pretty un KitKat inspiring.

I’m not sure what makes these “sparkling” strawberry; I had grand thoughts of something pop-rock-esque or possibly strawberry champaign tasting when I first read “sparkling”. The Sparkling is neither in this case so I’m left to my own imagination as to what it could actually be. What these do taste like is a KitKat covered in white chocolate which has been flavored powerfully tart berrylike strawberry with a healthy crunchberry side kick. Like maybe the KitKateers were going for a bowl of Crunchberry cereal with real strawberries cut up and artfully arranged on top for extra strawberriness. On the real fruit scale, these are probably a 6 or 7 strawberry (10 being the actual fruit) but they are also a 6 or 7 on the Crunchberry scale (10 being the cereal) and there is a faint 1 to 1.5 on the “tastes like chemicals” scale (10 being…errrr…something all labby tasting I suppose). Certainly the tart berry and Captain Crunchberriness are quite enough to overpower the slight chemical flavor but if you think on it you can taste a little manufacturedness.

Of the paltry diversity of KitKats I’ve reviewed, the Sparkling Strawberry are certainly better than the caramel KitKats were, but I’d take the peach, cherry blossom and even the two green teas over the Sparkling Strawberry. They are a little too berry tart for my strawberry flavored tastes but if you like the strawberry tart and do not mind a companion Crunchberry flavor then you might like these quite a lot. Sparkling Strawberry KitKats are better than average tasting but not better than the 3.5 rated peach or cherry blossom.

I’ll give them the same 3.5 Rating (out of 5 wasabi peas) but it’s a bottom end 3.5, maybe more like a 3.46 that got scientifically rounded up.

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