Meltykiss (caramelized almond)

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Still dredging into the J-List extravaganza of ought ten (what?) and would you believe I have even more JSFs? Some of them are my own doing but others have arrived from afar unprompted! Sorta. I got a package from Hawaii from the In-Law Guinea Pigs so I need to get my reviewing on!

Yay Meltykiss! You come in so many delicious tantalizing forms that when I saw another, I thought “Why yes please, I’ll have it!” JSFR Junkies, meet Meltykiss Caramelized Almond.

The caramelized almond flavor starts out deliciously cocoa aromatic with a hint of caramel and possibly a faintly toasted almond. It is also cute and square and dusted with bitter cocoa on the outside. It could stand a little more cocoa dusting as I’ve said before about the Kiss version of the Meltys (Melties?). For whatever reason, the Kisses are not as bitterly enhanced with cocoa as the Blends were and I think the thicker cocoa coating really made an excellent contrast with the sweety sweet of the chocolaty truffle. I miss the Blends, they were a truly outstanding tiny chocolate square treat.

The blends probably had enough cocoa dusting to leave no chocolate prints on my computer. Also, for those of you who ever wondered, yes I occasionally have to clean up after my JSF photo sessions. Fortunately, it is a delicious sort of clean up.

The Kisses aren’t shabby though, they have all had, so far, the bitter cocoa dusting covering a tasty melt in your mouth flavored truffle. The caramelized almond flavor does taste a tad caramelly but also a tad almond flavor-y. A poor man’s almond if you will. That is a little disappointing and all my Guinea Pigs commented on the fact that both the caramel flavor and the almond flavor of these Melties weren’t all that. Perhaps we are spoiled by the other flavors for the MeltyKiss Caramelized Almond are deliciously chocolaty and OK caramel and ‘it’ll do’ almond but for a Melty they are underwhelming. You would probably pick them up again in the infinite Japanese Snack Food Buffet but not if you also had any of the other Melty flavors to choose from and were limited by how many Melties you could fit in your stomach.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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