Marble Pop Blueberry

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Here’s the second flavor of Marble Pop that I found at our local giant food mart (Meijers for those of you who might want to pick up a couple). The Original flavor was reviewed round about here and was…eh. As is typical for a Ramune like pop, the original Bubble Pop had a tiny carbonation which made it taste flat. I am finding this is a constant throughout the Ramune like sodas and blueberry doesn’t alter the generalization. Also? Stupid drinking platform. I mean really…what were they thinking? Am I just that inept that I can’t drink ramune or ramune-a-like without dribbling down my chin? Do people just accept the dribble and move on? That’s not right.

The flavor could have pulled the blueberry up a notch but it didn’t. It smells very faintly of blueberry (ish) but also it smells of chemicals. It’s an equal weight of fruit/lab smell and that’s not going to garner blueberry any pea points. As to the flavor, my favorite Guinea Pig said they taste like a blue raspberry snow cone that has long since melted. Perhaps on a lab counter too while we are describing tastes. Meh. At least the soda is a pretty blue color. Sadly, pretty blue won’t be enough to get Marble Pop blueberry more than a

Rating of 1.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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