KitKat Little with Chili Powder

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Oh how cute, little KitKatettes. Also, how delicious that these are spicy chili powder KitKats. Yum.

When I first opened these up to take a photo of them, I had just finished up with some spicy potato doogers…which I popped into my mouth because where else was I going to put them? Certainly not back in the bag after they had been out and about (and possibly maybe have blown off the computer onto the porch-5 second rule!) Then I finished up with the little KitKats and where was I going to put the one I photographed so I could clear out my staging area for the next JSF? Why in my mouth of course. So I did, and because I had recently eaten spicy potato doogers I wasn’t really thinking about the chili powder aspect of the KitKat balls until woah! Chili!

In fact, the first flavor is a sort of semi-waxy version of the usual KitKat milk chocolate (the State side flavor versus the Asian darker chocolate flavor). It’s smooth and chocolaty but also a tad confectioners milk chocolate tasting. It’s a little odd but it did mean that I didn’t have to deal with much melted chocolate on my computer while I was photographing. Plus, once you get through the quasi-waxiness of it (a few short seconds) the chocolate is very smooth and chocolaty like your standard American KitKat chocolate.

Next is the crispity crunch of the KitKat wafer layers. I think I prefer the larger bar to the nublets (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this) because the nublets are maybe a little too chocolaty. KitKats have a nice delicate balance of chocolate coating to cookie crunch and the smaller balls mean there is more chocolate per cookie crunchity. It throws off the KitKat dynamic but on the other hand, more decent chocolaty chocolate is rarely a bad thing.

Lastly, just when you thought you were enjoying a small more chocolaty KitKat-BAMN! In comes the spicy. Oh it’s a nice spicy and don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a standard chili powder bite because I think they mean chili pepper powder. I do not know what they mix with chili pepper to get chili powder but it certainly isn’t as ‘mouth on fire’ as the peppers get.

I don’t think the initial odd somewhat waxy or the extra chocolate chocolaty are going to detract much from the overall enjoyment of these KitKat Littles. I kind of wish J-List had the full sized KitKat in chili powder flavor because that would definitely be a 4 or 4.5 pea snack. Looking over the previous KitKats, I’d come back for the chili powder flavor over any of the others (unless I liked green tea, in which case it would be a toss up between chili and matcha) so that sings to me of a 4 pea rating. However, it is a tenuous 4 pea rating which will probably be a most definite 4 pea rating if I get my hands on the larger KitKat chili flavor.

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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