Marble Pop Strawberry

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Here’s the last flavor of Marble Pop I could find and also, fittingly, red colored. Red means stop, as in stop making these stupid gerbil drinking platforms ARRRGH! Who thinks this is an awesome idea? Who? Whoever you are you are so in for a smacking because this is the most awkward soda delivery device ever including trying to drink from the other side of a glass full of pop. HAAAAATE!

I also hate red pop with a passionate hate (not as much of a hate as I have for the marble pop top stoopid though) because it has always tasted like a mix of Sudafed and ass. I don’t desire the cool refreshing carbonation of liquid medicine and ass thankyouverymuch, but they continue to make the flavor anyway because I guess some people actually enjoy red pop. Don’t get me wrong, strawberry cola would be awesome if they could only get the strawberry flavor right. Why can they do a delicious cherry but 9 times out of 10 an asstastic strawberry? I don’t get it.

You know the other thing I don’t get? The last red pop I reviewed (feel free to follow the link for a refresher) and this red pop taste…decently OK. Maybe I should amend my rant above to say ‘Why can’t Americans get strawberry soda right?’ since Marble Pop is a Japanese made pop aimed at an American consumer. As usual, there is a tiny carbonation problem which makes the pop taste a tad flatish and I don’t think it’s overly sweet, although My Favorite Guinea Pig disagrees with me. What’s nice about this strawberry soda is that it has a good strawberry flavor. It also has a hint of chemical flavor that comes out at the end but I’m not sure I mind all that much. I’m sort of surprised that the strawberry is as good as it is. In fact, I think this strawberry Ramune-alike does strawberry better than Ramune did strawberry. If you are a red pop fan, I think you will REALLY like Marble Pop Strawberry…unless you like your soda to have a strong Sudafed taste component. This soda doesn’t really have one of those.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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