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I went back to Meijers and found more Marble Pop flavors. You are welcome. Today’s flavor comes in Green Apple and I have to ask if that doesn’t trigger the Green Acres theme song for anyone out there? I’ve been writing this up singing to myself “Greeeeeeeeen apple is the taste for me. Faaaaaaarm living is the life for meeee!” Then when My Favorite Guinea Pig came along and I roped him into having a swig he started up on the same tune and I’d never actually been singing it out loud. I think it’s a ubiquitous reaction (given the data set of two).

I also think that this whole marble top pop platform is a crock of HOOEY! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

As far as the actual soda, I have some issues.

1. Tiny carbonation sucks. I don’t know why it is a trend in Japanese Ramune and Ramune-a-likes but however they are carbonating their stuff so it has little tiny dissipated bubbles makes the cola taste like flat day old soda that has been sitting around forgotten on the coffee table. Yuck.

2. The drinking platform drives me up a wall. I can’t get a decent pull with the stupid marble top deelie without fizzing the beejeebus out pf the pop and there goes whatever carbonation it once had.

3. This particular Marble Pop tastes like a liquid Jolly Rancher. That might sound tasty but believe me, it’s not.

4. There is a slight but noticeable chemical taste which sort of hangs around being a tad annoying. It’s one of those lip smacking tastes that make you go “Hrrrm” with frowny eyebrows and everything.

The good things I have to say about this Ramune-a-like are:

1. It’s a really pretty green.

2. If it were a watermelon or cherry Jolly Rancher flavor I think it would have been tastier. I never much cared for the green apple Jollys.

My recommendation would be to seek another flavor of Ramune or Ramune-a-like because this one isn’t all that. I would suggest the peach Ramune or the lychee Ramune for starters or any of the pops that have gotten a 3 or higher rating.

Rating of 1.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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  1. Cduffer said,

    July 31, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    I loved Ramune the first time I tried it over spring break, and I’m glad you reccomend the peach and lychee because those were the first two kinds I tried (I bought peach, my friend bought lychee). But since then, I’ve only gotten the ones avaliabe at FYE, and they were a dissappointment. Maybe because I think they weren’t “Ramune” brand, but I didn’t like the original or melon flavors. I personally like the innovative way of drinking it with the marble, and I think it also kind of helps monitor how much you drink of it at once, because I think if there was no stopper there I would drink a bottle in two gulps–if the flavor was good, that is. I just don’t like how hard it is to open it (I’mma weeeeaaak~) cos I actually cut my hand on the plastic popper once :p

    To me, though, the electrified colors don’t look that appealing. It LOOKS like a melted jolly rancher. Anyway, love the blog, keep up the great work!

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