I-Mei Fried Cookies (milk)

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We finish out Taiwan today with I-Mei and their Milk Fried Cookies. I admit, I liked these better than the Sesame but for reasons which are probably not very noteworthy. The Milk have that typical I-Mei fried cookie crispity and the same Fried cookie faint hint of sweetness but other than that, they haven’t got much else going for them. As I said in the Sesame cookie, it has a pretty boring but munchable base which is sprinkled with sesame to give it some pep. Peanut had peanuts and seaweed had seaweed but milk has…boring. They are like ‘Nilla wafers without any charm or ‘Nilla (besides being also flat and square) but I kinda liked that in a “I’m bored, I need something to munch on which won’t make me think about it” way. The Muzak of cookies if you will, something you wouldn’t go out of your way to partake of but if you are in the vicinity it occupies your time until you are somewhere else.

I’m not sure you would come back to these ever in the Infinite Japanese Snack Food Buffet and you probably wouldn’t even finish a cookie from you plate if you did pick it up. These are not a 3 pea cookie but if all you had in the house were these and you had the munchies AND were too lazy to go to the store to get real food, these would do. A couple of my Guinea Pigs remarked on the overwhelming blandness, saying “Meh” or “Oooo, crispity cardboard!” so I’ll probably go with a half pea point lower than what I would like to see, primarily because the majority of the Pigs liked the Sesame a fraction of a bit better.

Rating of 2 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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