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This weekend we swing by China for some snackering on Cherrybiscuit. Ideally I suppose you should be able to have an entire plank of Cherrybiscuit if you want, although they do break down into 3 typical graham cracker sized squares or in half again for 6 typical halved graham cracker sized rectangles.

In actuality, these are super crispy breakable so when I opened my package up I had lots of little pieces of Cherrybiscuit. I do not think a whole plank survived. Sadness.

I mentioned that Cherrybiscuit was crispity and it is. It’s a nice light airy crispity with some odd construction. The top and bottom have the same texture as a graham cracker but the middle looks like an Aero bar but done in crispy cracker form. Imagine a graham cracker that they filled with a layer or two of airy crispy grahamy bits to make it extra crunchy good and that would be Cherrybiscuit.

The taste is also more natural. Says so right on the package.

The actual cracker part of Cherrybiscuit is vaguely graham cracker tasting but just a touch blander than an actual graham cracker, or about spot on with a poor quality off brand graham cracker. They do have a nice solid sprinkling of chunky sugar on the top for an interesting burst of sweet and every now and then you hit a dried cherry bit. I’d have liked more cherry bits because they were tasty indeed and added a nice chewyness to contrast with the crispity. Plus, they tasted of good, dried cherries. Yum.

My Guinea Pigs weren’t overly excited by Cherrybiscuit and one thought a 3 was a good representative rating. Another Pig of mine likes these quite a bit and I would munch on them as much as I munch on graham crackers…which isn’t a whole lot (not for lack of liking but rather for the lack of not buying). I think I’ll go with a general 3.5 rating but encourage you to give or take half a pea depending on your mood.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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