Sangaria Ramune (melon)

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Today is the absolute last of the Bubbles gifted snacks and it also happens to be a melon flavored Ramune from a company called Sangaria. We recently got another Ramune from this company (which had no flavor listed) and we were super excited that it might be sangria flavored Ramune. Sadly, we discovered that we mistook the company for the flavor when we swigged a mouthful of bublegummy tasting stuff. We weren’t overly fond of that and I have to say, Sangaria isn’t impressing me with their take on melon.

First off, there is no coloring which puts me in the mind of nothing. On one hand, I guess I’m not getting all sorts of blue and yellow dyes in my system, on the other hand I’m not getting a nice visual reference for my flavor. I hate it when they make raspberry flavor blue colored for the same reason. Raspberries aren’t blue and melons aren’t clear. The lack of color doesn’t annoy me enough to dock pea points but I contest that even if it were the same drink as yesterday it wouldn’t taste as melony because it isn’t green.

The second melon problem is that this Ramune doesn’t have a really strong smell to it either. I might peg it as faintly fruit-esque but only in that it doesn’t smell meaty or bready or like curry or whathaveyou. That’s not enough to get me in the mind of melon so it all comes down to the taste…which fails to anchor the melon team. It might be melon somewhere in there but whatever melon flavor they used is being strongly challenged by a generic lemon-limeyness and a slight labbiness. In fact, the more I swig of this, the less melon I can taste. That’s not right.

What is right is the decent carbonation and (surprise) lack of stacking sugars (again with the high fructose corn syrup being the sole sweetener). This Ramune is refreshingly bubbly and crisp despite its lack of melon taste. If you are looking for a good melon soda, click back to yesterday and start there.

Rating of 1.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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