Euro Strawberry Cake

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Happy December Junkies! This run of snacks is brought to you by an unknown benefactor on campus. While going home with oft Guinea Pigs Badmovie and LunarGeography, we spied a 20 dollar bill lying on the ground. LG, being the most socially advanced of the group, asked a passer by if they had dropped the money. I was too busy looking at the $20 and thinking “Holy crum! A TWENTY dollar bill!” to really do the right thing and Badmovie was…doing whatever it was that Badmovie was doing. As it turned out, the passer by had not lost a 20 and there was no one else around so we pocketed the lonely bill and started to plan our fortune. At first it was going to dinner, then maybe a movie but then we all came to our senses and decided the Asian Snacks Gods had dropped us a 20 so we could go out and get more snacks.

That we did because who wants to piss off the Snack Gods?

Each of us chose a couple of snacks to review as well as a couple of snacks for snacking so there were a lot of snacks. My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store has very good prices and the 20 went a long way. The first of the snacks is Euro Strawberry Cake which, after a fairly lengthy prologue, I’ll now get to reviewing.

The cakes come individually wrapped in a box and when you open the individual wrapper, there is a profound olfactory smacking in the nose of strawberry Quick. My goodness are these strawberry. When I eventually came to after having been strawberried into a stupor, I noticed that the cakes looked like rounded Twinkies. They have a spongy yellow cake outer layer similar to Twinkies and the cake texture is pretty much the same. Twinkies might be a tad moister and a bit denser but other than that, Euro Cake could be the airier continental version of a Twinkie.

In the center of the cake is a small dollop of strawberry cream which is much heavier than what you might find in a Twinkie (and also strawberry flavored). It is a strange texture that is thumpier than Twinkie cream but not as dense as pudding, not as sugary as frosting but airier than a ganache. I’d almost say that if you mixed whipped cream with frosting gel you might have what is inside a Euro Cake. It tastes of strawberries as imagined by Quick and also a tad of chemicals. Or perhaps it is the sponge cake that tastes a little manufactured. It’s hard to tell since the dollop of goo is very small compared to the amount of cake.

Some of the Guinea Pigs liked these, some didn’t and some could take or leave them. I’m a little disappointed by the slight chemical taste and the small center of strawberry goo. Other than that, this is a pretty solid filled cake entity if you don’t mind the strawberry Quick flavor.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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