Double Your Fun Square Cookies (wheat and cheese)

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Here’s another anonymous gifted snack hailing from Taiwan (thanks Snack Gods and also I’m really sorry former owner of that $20. If it’s any consolation , when we couldn’t find you we put our new found fortune to a good cause) we picked up called Double Your Fun Square Cookies. We were intrigued by the name “Double Your Fun” because who doesn’t want to double their fun? Plus we all like wheat and we all really like cheese so what could go wrong? “Double the taste, double your fun in one time”? Yes please!

I like that these crackers (for they really are more cracker like than cookie like if you live in the States) for their individual packagedness (or rather dual packagedness as you get two crackers per packet) but they also come bundled in two foil bags (with about 20 cracker packets per bag) and then boxed. That’s a bit much, but it does mean that I don’t have an open box of easily scattered crackers packets hanging around. The over packaging helps prevent cracker packet deluge should you knock over the box…

…and also leaves you with some cracker packets in the second baggie if your “assistant” takes off with the crackers. I’m pretty sure I found all my liberated photograph subjects at the end of the day. More or less.

As to the crackers themselves, they are a nice size and shape. They are roughly the length and height of a Wheat Thin and about as thick as a Triscuit and flaky like a Ritz. I really like the dimensions; bigger than an oyster cracker for ease of individual nomming yet smaller than a Saltine so you can have a whole bunch of them in your soup and not have crowding issues. Cheese Cookies also have cute little ‘wheaty bits’ indentations on them which I rather like a lot. Plus, they have a good solid flaky crunch. Lovely.

The down side though, is that these crackers have an odd orangish-peach cast to them and smell of low end powdered macs and cheese. The other down side is that they are predominantly sweet with a nice solid wheaty chaser and if you think really hard they eventually taste of poor man’s powdered cheese. If you sugar coated a Wheat Thin and then passed it through an anemic cloud of the cheapest cheese powder you could find that would be the taste. Apparently I expected the wrong taste and fun to be doubled and was sadly disappointed.

My Guinea Pigs were all of the same mind as well. Darn you Snack Gods, why do you taunt us so? This could have been a really stellar treat because the size and texture are right and the wheaty comes through delicious and strong. If they had nixed the sweet and gone with a slightly better cheese powder (and more of it), I would have no problem slapping a 4 on these and calling it good. Heck, they don’t even have to have cheese because the wheat taste was good on its own. As is, Double Your Fun Square Cookies aren’t much fun to eat by themselves and the ‘with soup’ experiment was a dismal failure I encourage everyone not to repeat.

Rating of 2 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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