Husband Cake

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This was Guinea Pig LunarGeography’s find and an awesome find it was. First off…

I’m not making this up. Husband Cakes indeed. Are they only for husbands? Do you get them for your husband? Do husbands make them? If nothing else, we were highly amused by the name.

And also the ingredients and whatnot box. Cake roast? Maybe that has something to do with the processing method of heating. I kinda like the instructions to “Store in Sealed Bottle After Opened”. Do they have Husband Cake shaped bottles in China? I am also fond of the cryptic “see the ink: jet” Best used by instructions. Hee.

As far as the cakes, we expected some sort of sesame like cake with bean pasteish filling which looked to be decently tasty. Sadly, the packaging amusement was the high point of this snack. The outer pastry was flaky and somewhat bland (flaky being it’s strong point) which even the sesame seeds couldn’t help. They tasted old and tired despite the cakes still being fresh (as checked by the ink: jet). They did lend a bit of flavor but it wasn’t what I would have hoped for in a sesame bedecked cake.

The insides were…odd. They weren’t pasty and they weren’t crunchy but something in between. Oddly gooey with a stiff texture is what I can come up with to describe the texture. The taste was…not what we were expecting. I looked up the ingredients and I’m guessing that the inner filling is soy bean paste which is a very different flavor than the Azuki bean we thought they were. Soy bean paste is also much less sweet and not as strong a bean flavor.

All in all we were greatly underwhelmed and would probably not get these again.

Well…maybe everyone wasn’t disappointed in the Husband Cakes. My cat absconded with this one just after I took the pic.

Rating of 2 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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  1. Orchid64 said,

    January 2, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    I think China will be the new frontier in amusing Engrish as the Japanese appear to be getting better translations these days.

    As for husband cake (and wife cake), the story is here:


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