I Mei Milk Chocolate Wafer Pie

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This is the last weekend of anonymous donated snacks so once again, thanks go out to someone who is $20 poorer. These Tasty looking pies come from I Mei, a hit or miss Taiwanese company which brought the delicious Thin Crispy Biscuits to the JSFR as well as the vastly underwhelming Fried Cookie Series (and peanut was the best of the lot). On the whole I Mei is a decently solid snack company, as evidenced by a brief survey of the JSFR, so it was without much trepidation that I tucked into a Milk Chocolate Wafer Pie.

My first disappointment was that my pies weren’t as strikingly pretty as the pies on the package. I like the dark chocolate with the high contrast white stripe drizzle the picture promises me, however all my pies have been a little worse for wear. One was crushed flat and melted, one survived intact (mostly) but had a faint striping which sort of moodged into the chocolate while a third had at least recognizable stripes where the chocolate hadn’t become fused to the wrapper. Perhaps fresh off the line in Taiwan these are more accurate to the picture but crossing an ocean and then most of a continent (unless they sailed them up the St. Lawrence, in which case it’s ocean-canal-ocean-sea way-front door practically) didn’t do these pies any favors. Long short, I don’t think these snacks travel well. They certainly don’t travel pretty.

Fortunately, the looks were the only disappointment. These…”pies” are really more of a chocolate dipped chocolate sugar wafer cookie, except square instead of rectangular. It also has several layers of thin cake cone like wafers which appear to be vanilla in the pic but in reality might be chocolate or might be vanilla. Again, I think my damaged cookies are at fault for the lack of discernable wafer layers. It really makes no difference which flavor they are as their chocolateness or vanillaness is lost in the chocolate sugar filling between the layers and the chocolate coating. Both of which are a solidly decent chocolate. The coating is that nice Asian milk chocolate which makes it a little darker than the standard American milk chocolate but not as dark as Asian milk chocolates I’ve tasted before. I’d go with an Asian milk chocolate light, which make is just a titch cocoa-ier than say a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

The chocolate sugar layer, on the other hand, is less chocolatey and more cocoa-y. And sugary, but not as tooth achingly sugary as their American counterparts. Is this because there is less goo between the layers? I don’t know but it’s nice to not have a huge sugar rush after your first bite of wafer. You’ll still get one but you will also get to enjoy the snack more before it hits.

This is a nice, crisp, decently solid chocolate/cocoa-y sweet snack which I’m sure is prettier closer to home.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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