Lotte Wheat Snack with Chocolate

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These we picked up on our My Favorite Asian Grocery Store run a while back (and doesn’t that look weird? I’m not sure I can call it Our Favorite Asian Grocery Store though because I don’t know if it is) when I was out of snacks. I can’t remember who found these, although I’m pretty sure is one of the Oft Guinea Pigs Badmovie or LunarGeography but in the basket they went.

They look tasty don’t they? I mean as soon as you get over being terrorized by the package squirrel.

The back continues the idyllic county scene with the owner of the quaint cottage out with her basket picking little Wheat Snacks with Chocolate off of the Wheat Snacks with Chocolate tree (shortened to Whesnach tree from here on out). She’s got herself a bonnet because you can only grow Whesnach trees in zones 9 or greater and the sun shines something fierce in those lands. Cottage mistress is very careful of her skin, being so fair in such a sunny clime. Birds sing, flowers bloom,

[cue record scratch] and the deadly Whesnach squirrel plans her demise. I laughed and laughed when I took a closer look at the packaging because that squirrel on the back looks like a peeping tome squirrel up to rascally no good. Fear his squirrely wrath; for once he catched up with you he will CUT you and take all the Whesnach nuts back.

Technically I think Whesnaches might be classified as stone fruits if indeed the chocolaty center is the seed or pit.

Anyway, once I peeled the label back, the squirrel was much less ominous but you still do have to compete for the Whesnach fruits come harvest time. Squirrels love them some whesnaches.

All joking aside, I was disappointed by these when I first tasted them. They seemed a little bland and lacking in everything I thought the picture was promising me. Since then though, I might have been adding unpleasants onto the memory because I found them much better than I had remembered. The puff pastry outer shell could stand to be a little more buttery but it is light and airy crisp with a little bit of sweet (the tops are very lightly glazed with sugar). There is not a lot of taste but there is enough to not make me think of docking pea points for excessive bland. I’d give them a B-/C+ in “packaged puff pastryness”. I have certainly had worse as well as better.

The center chocolate dollop is decent chocolate that is a smooth, soft, tasty Asian milk chocolate. It has a sort of chocolate cream cheese or dense chocolate frosting texture to it and there seems to be enough to keep the chocolate/puff pastry ratio in line. Plus, the size of the Wheat Snack is cutely snackable. You can pop them in one bite and you won’t have to follow up with several more to get a good snackering on. You could though if you wanted to.

Lastly, the packaging continues with the amusement. Is that squirrel fella making a rude squirrely gesture at me? Also, apparently there is a pie song.

Even more inner packaging fun.

Rating of 3.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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