Pasture Cake (barley green cake)

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These came by the way of David the Muppet King who picked them up because of the name. Heh…pasture cakes is kinda amusing but also gives me pause. I know what hangs out in pastures so do I really want a cake from there? Hmmmm. Barley green cake, which is how these are named on the English sticker, sounds a bit better but not as amusing.

The packaging is very pretty. The background is a nice matte pastel green and everything that is printed on the box is glossy shiny (which I’ve more or less tried to capture in this pic).

The individual cakes are wrapped in a eye catching green and yellow airbrushed looking wrapper. I especially like how the writing is outlined in white. Pasture cakes are a looker, at least on the outside.

Sadly, Pasture cakes start to fall apart once you get past the appearance. The cakes themselves are something akin to a Fig Newton with a cake like outer wrapper and a gooey (green) inner layer. Unfortunately the cake wrapping is dry and doesn’t have much of a flavor other than stale with a chemical overtone. Then when you hit the inner layer it’s weirdly stiff like a stale gummy bear and it tastes like weak green barley tea with a substantial sugar chaser. In comparison to the stale cake layer, the barley layer is at least a little tastier but I’m hurting my teeth biting off niblets to review. Ouch.

Most of the Guinea Pigs who tried the cakes were much more amused by the name than they were the flavor of the Pasture Cake. I think only one of the Pigs thought these cake were mildly OK but not something they would go out and buy themselves. That doesn’t bode well for Pasture Cakes. Pretty will get them half a pea point but the rest of Pasture cakes won’t get them anywhere near a decent pea rating.

Rating of 2 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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