Well-Pac Saki Ika (prepared squid)

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I’m not entirely sure that “saki ika” is Chinese for prepared squid but I’m going to guess that it might be. It could also be how people in Taiwan say “spicy squid jerky” or “not as sweet as Jane Jane rolled squid but more jerky in texture than Mr. Squid“. Heck, for all I know “saki ika” translates to “GET YOUR CAT HEAD OUT OF MY SQUID!” because I am finding myself saying that quite a lot as I review these. The cats give Well-Pac’s Saki Ika two paws full of claws up for prepared squid. Yowch.

Well-Pac’s prepared squid does smell slightly fish foody but it also smells dried squiddy in equal proportions. It’s not the best smell but I’ve smelled worse squid flavored things in my time reviewing Asian snacks. It does smell strong enough to pique a cat’s curiosity though and I’d imagine the canine nose would be equally intrigued.

Well-Pac is closer in experience to the Jane Jane rolled squid snack. It’s a little chewy in a squid jerky sort of way and it also has an initial sweety flavor to it. However, the sweet fades nicely into a rollicking red pepper flavor which lingers pleasantly after the squid is gone. Underneath is a nice solid squid flavor which isn’t strong enough to overpower the sweet or spicy but present enough to remind one that they are indeed eating squid jerky.

I think what makes Well-Pac a slightly better snack than Jane Jane’s rolled squid is that Well-Pac comes as shredded squid. It’s really easy to grab up a small handful of squid jerky without having to wrestle it from the package. And if you want, you can then easily grab another. And another.

You can even take saki ika on picnics.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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