Shall We? Chocolate Matcha Cookie

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Here’s a second goody from our spur of the moment search for a particular Asian snack shop (which Rob hadn’t visited in 10 years but was still the bomb. He was sure of it). We were highly amused by the name so in the basket they went. Plus, these are Matcha flavored so it’s extra super Japanese (which this snack actually is this time. Two reviews in a row even!).

I have to say though, if they are asking “Shall we try to open the packaging surreptitiously so that the cookies can be liberated while the package appears to remain whole” the answer is “No, we shall not”. Glico does not want its Shall Wes opened by any other means than the provided convenient perforations, thankyouverymuch, and if you try you will only succeed in mangalating the package. On the other hand, the perforations will spring apart if you so much as look at the cookies while a tad peckish because Glico would hate for anyone to not be able to have a Shall We when they need one.

The cookie is much smaller than I had thought it was going to be. I was a little surprised by that for I expected it to almost fill the wrapper but instead its a little over half the length and maybe a quarter shorter than the width. It does carry a powerful green tea smell so maybe it’s making up for size in flavor? Let’s find out.

Weirdly, I kind of like it and I don’t much like green tea. It’s not as grassy as some, although there is a grassy undertone. The little chocolate bits (and how cool is that? Tiny chocolate chips!) plus the general chocolate chip cookie base are just as strong as the green tea flavor which probably doesn’t bode well for those of you who love the greening of the tea. They might also taste faintly of shortbreaddiness…like if you crossed the dough part of a chocolate chip cookie with a short bread cookie. It’s really kinda tasty in that crumbly semi sweet sort of short bread but really more like a heavy cookie way.

I think they would go excellent with tea, although not the tea I am currently drinking which is a tangy wild orange thing. I expect strong fruit teas might not blend well with this Shall We but a mild black tea would be perfect, or maybe a ginger tea or a light lemon tea. Sadly, I’m of the opinion that a green tea would just overwhelm the cookie but those of you who drink green tea might want to give it a go. I enjoyed these cookies far more than I thought I would but then again, they don’t really bring home the green tea taste. I’d give these a personal 3.5 but historically I dock for not coming through on the flavor so a

Rating of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5 will have to do.

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