Shall We? Zeitaku Butter Short Bread

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While on our snack food blitzkrieg, we picked up several varieties of snacks so we could “do the line” more or less. Today I have the second Shall We? which seems rather plain next to short bread chocolate chip green tea cookies. These plain cookies too are a little small but you can at least see them through the packaging. I’m not sure which I like better, the solid wrapped green tea cookie with the kinda arty pic or the clear see through window of these cookies. I might be leaning toward the prettier green tea but I wish they had made the wrapper a little more snug to the cookie.

Anyway, we cracked these open expecting the usual Japanese short bread cookies, which are a bit light on the thumpy. Instead what we got was the most delicious Japanese short bread I’ve ever had. It might even be close to the best short bread I’ve ever had, although I think Walkers might juuuust edge out for top spot in the short bread cookie world. Still, it was a delight to finally find a Japanese short bread which does the flavor proud.

The Shall We?s cookies are buttery crisp with a nice solid short bread thumpy to follow up. If Walker’s short bread were the 10 on short bread cookie scale (or substitute your grandma’s short bread cookies if she made the best short bread ever. Mine didn’t) these are easily a 9.5. They aren’t quite as solid and dense but they are equally as crisp and crumbly.

My Favorite Guinea Pig and I were waffling between a 5 pea and a 4.5 pea rating for these and when I looked at what snacks showed up in which category, I settled on a 4.5. They are, however a very tasty 4.5…almost a 4.75 if I did such a thing.

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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