Meiji Galbo Ball

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Good Day Junkies, today I bring you yet another find from our impromptu JSF filed trip to “that one Asian place in that town there”. I’m not even sure which of the two stores this one came from because I might have accidentally mixed the bags together when I was storing my snacks away from curious cats. Anyway, this one came from one of those places and I picked it up for review because of many different reasons.

Reason one: Pretty pastel balls on the package! Wait…are those actually clouds? They could be. OK then, Pretty pastel clouds on the package! Either way they are still neat and pastel. Reason two: The dark chocolaty candy sits excellently contrasted on the pretty roundy pastelly things which, if you have been reading for a while, should surprise no one when I wax poetically about it. You all know I love me some contrasty. Reason three: What’s a Galbo ball anyway?

Plus, they look pretty tasty so there you have at least four reasons for why Galbo balls.

Galbo balls are like little round crumbly brownie bits, but not the center brownie bit from a pan of Ghiridelli double chocolate brownies (of death!). I’m talking the edge bits of brownie that might have cooked a tad longer and have just crossed the verge into crispy tasty. Personally, if I’m eating a brownie I prefer the moist almost fudgy bits but there is something to be said for those fantastic edge bits when you aren’t in a gooey brownie mood. Besides, being a brownie means that the crumbly edge bits are every bit as tasty as the gooey middle bits, just differently textured. Galbo balls are like that mostly, except round (or if you think of the little crispy brownie crumbs that hang out in the pan after everyone has eaten the brownies, then that but bigger).

Galbo Balls also have an interesting coating on them, which I’m not sure comes through very well in the picture. The front panel has no Galbo Ball being covered in a chocolaty sauce but the sides do depict such a happening so according to the package marketing, there is some sort of coating. I don’t want to get your hopes up though for these are not little round chocolate covered crumbly brownie balls. They do have a wee chocolaty coating on them which is a little like a crumbly-crisp coating of chocolateness. It’s nothing you can really say is a definite layer other than to note that the outside has a chocolaty like coating which is not present on the inside. I think my Galbo Balls must have absorbed some of the coating because I can see that the very outer (pock marked) layer is definitely not the crumbly bit in the center but the line of where one ends and the other begins is very blurred (albeit tastily so).

All this to say that I thought these were very tasty little critters, especially if you are having a chocolate thing. Go out and get you some, you will not be disappointed.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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