Meltyblend (creamy caramel chocolat)

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Here’s another snack from the Great JSF outing with Rob and you know what I just noticed? These are Meltyblends and not Meltykisses. That makes 3 kisses:
Caramelized Almond from 5.15.10
Dark Rum from 12.6.08
Framboise from 12.15.07)

and 4 blends:
Milk from 5.5.07
Cacao from 4.21.07
Strawberry from 4.14.07.
This here review of today.

I once speculated that the kisses were the reimaged blends but now I have to revise my hypothesis because hello blend in 2011! I might have gone with “These are a hold over” as I picked them up on super secret awesome clearance and you don’t super secret awesome clearance stuff that isn’t going to be obsolete (mostly). Except the sell by date is July of this year. I don’t think blends have a shelf life of 4 years so I am going to abandon that revised theory all together. My new theory is…maybe there are 2 lines and they regionally phased one out? Lemmie see what teh interwebs say. Hold on.

Blast, My Snack-fu is weak. The only thing I could sniffer up is that one reviewer mentions Meiji rotates their Meltykisses each winter. Maybe they rotate between kisses and blends as well.

Anyhoo, the one main difference I noted between the blends of yore and the kisses of until just recently (or perhaps still) is that the older blends had a more pleasing dusting of coco powder on the outside. I can’t say as these new blends harken back to those days exactly but there is a cocoa dusting. I’m also getting a touch of chocolate finger as well if I hold a Meltyblend (creamy caramel chocolat) for any length of time longer than it takes to unwrap and convey a truffly square to my mouth. There is still enough cocoa dusting to add a nice bitter counterpoint to the sweety sweet of the truffly treat but this blend could also stand more cocoa.

The days of yore were a bit tastier in terms of Melties I do believe. And also a bit less gooey.

Still, this blend holds itself favorably in the eyes of its ancestors. It is cute, deliciously melty Asian chocolaty with a nice hint of cocoa bitter and a taste which I can confirm is, without a doubt, chocolat. It is also caramelly as well and yes, creamy too. It’s more of a milk chocolate sort of creamy rather than a milk creamy but I’d check the “yes” box under creamy if I had a choice. I love the Melties in pretty much all their flavors (even the somewhat lower rated caramelized almond) because they are nicely small in size but deliciously huge in chocolate taste. Lots of chocolate bang for your Melty buck.

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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