Wei Lih Japanese Ramen Noodle Wheat Cracker (black pepper)

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More snacks from the Great Snack Hunt of Ought Eleven and hey! These are brother or sister chips to Wei Lih Japanese Ramen Noodle Wheat Crackers (soy sauce) from a couple weeks back. They are almost exactly like the soy sauce chips with the flat chow mein noodle crispity fun and dark salty soy flavor. These wheat crackers have an extra added zippy black pepper flavor too.

As with the soy sauce flavor (and oddly, the ingredients for black pepper do not list soy – although there is monosodium glutamate – or black pepper per se, but I’m guessing “spices” covers a lot of things that aren’t listed) these are really tasty. I can’t see a reason that the black pepper version of these Ramen Noodle Wheat Crackers are any better or worse than the soy sauce flavor so I think the same rating should work just fine. Well done Taiwan, well done on the savory crispy tasty noodly snacks.

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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