Wei Lih Japanese Ramen Noodle What Cracker (Mexican spicy flavor)

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Somewhere I wonder if I’m missing another hockey puck constructed Good Good Eats snack because I had two ribbons, will have 2 loose noodly bits (SPOILERS!!!!) but only one noodly squashed hockey puck. Maybe that’s why the Good Good Eats Girl is so sad? Oh by the way…


Mexican Spicy flavor makes her happier. It also gives her a mustache (mustachio?) so I’m not sure what’s up with that. Plus she has a stylin hat too. Mexican flavoring is kinda the bomb, isn’t it? I want a hat.

These Good Good Eats snack crackers are like thin, thin, chow mein noodles which are somewhat the shape of ramen noodles. They are not as dried pasta crunchy as ramen noodles (or the ramen noodles that come in those packages which cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 cents a package) but more crackery like. Or exactly chow mein noodle like. Perhaps you can fry ramen and get the same texture, I do not know. I do know that they have a nice crispity crunchity which is pleasant.

As for taste…I can still sense a little dark salty (soy? Maybe MSG as listed in the ingredients) which is not quite in place with Mexican (but very Japanese). There is a nice chili powder bite but not much else which says Mexican to me. Perhaps there is a hint of Old El Paso taco seasoning but nowhere near like the Mexican Taco drops. I’m a little disappointed in the Mexicaness of these Mexican spicy flavored snacks.

Spicy Mexican Good Good Eats are tasty, salty and spicy and a decent snack to munch on but I’m not yet convinced about the Mexican of the spicy.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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