Wei Lih Wheat Cracker Japanese Ramen Cube (Japanese BBQ)

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And back to the Good Good eats out of Taiwan. Today’s eats are like thin little chow mein noodles which have been broken up and then fused into an itty bitty hockey puck shapes. I’m not sure if this makes the Good Good Eats Girl unhappy or if the flavor does but she is definitely not having the best day on this package.

Good Good Eats Girl just needs a hug. And maybe a different flavor of snack.

I’m not sure why Good Good Eats Girl is unhappy because the snacks are still nicely crispity and they break up pretty easily into small crispity noodle bits. I find no fault with the construction other than it isn’t ribbon like. Maybe Good Good Eats Girl likes ribbons.

As for the flavor, it is what I would call Japanese BBQ. I’ve had a couple Japanese BBQ dishes and they are smoky, a touch sweet but also SPICAY and in a word, pretty darned tasty. Maybe that was three words but the point is that these snacks have a nicely decent smoky, sweet, SPICAY thing going which is pretty fab. I might recommend a beverage along with the snacks since one at a time they are getting quite a burn going. I have not yet attempted two at once but I expect something spicy logarithmic might just happen. Perhaps Good Good Eats Girl has no drink to go with her spicy snacks and that is why she is unhappy.

It is an odd mascot though, I’m not sure I’d place an unhappy mascot on my packaging but I’m not a Taiwanese packaging designer so what do I know?

Personally I prefer these to the past two Wei Lih snacks only on account of my somewhat dislike of soy sauce. On the other hand, the Japanese BBQ are quite spicy which might not float other people’s boat. BBQ is also much crumblier than the ribbons were which might be a factor in your like/dislike of the Japanese BBQ cubes. They are still good and tasty though, tasty enough to get a

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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