I-Mei Passion Fruit Chewy Candy

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And your final Chewy Candy for the time being…Passion Fruit!

I have a confession to make. I’ve never had fresh ripe passion fruit that I know of. I might have had passion fruit as a drink (or as a fruit drink mix) but I couldn’t really tell you what passion fruit is supposed to taste like. I can tell you what the impression of it is for me and that is something vaguely citrussy, kinda tart and pink. I have no idea why pink but there you go.

These taffy like entities are similar to the other chewy candies: Taffyesque but a bit stiffer. It’ll warm up as you chew it and feel almost “normal” so plus American Palate Pea Points there. As far as flavor, it’s sweet, fruity, and noticeably tart. I imagine that it might be passion fruit but whatever it is, the fruitiness is nicely done.


There is an undercurrent of manufactured which spoils what could have been a really tasty taffy. I might have called these my favorite I-Mei (and I really liked the lemon) but that hint of chemical in the background makes me grumpy. For all the pleasing wrapping, and the Chewy Candies have all been subtly eye pleasing in their simplistic pretty packaging (albeit the passion fruit is more abstract than the others), and the smoother Asian taffy texture and the delicious fruitiness, that last hurrah of “PASSION FRUIT FLAVOR NUMBER 5” pretty much sours the experience.

If you can abide the aftertaste, give these a 3.5 and then some. I, however, am cranked by a pleasant experience robbed.

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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