Garden Cream Wafers (peach)

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Peach? These come in peach! That’s unusual and so, I grabbed the peach and popped it into my bag. PEACH!

These do smell nicely peach too, opening the package my nose was smacked around by a decent fruit peachy smell. There is not a lot of difference in taste and construction between the peach and the strawberry from yesterday; they are both lightly sweet (unlike the American SUGAR wafers of instant sweet coma), robustly cake cone-y and lightly frosted. The peach flavor is stronger than the strawberry flavor and highly reminiscent of the instant peaches and cream oatmeal packets. I do like the peaches and cream oatmeals.

Both wafers are exceedingly crumbly too so prepare to do a bit of clean up after munching.

My Guinea Pigs preferred the peach over the strawberry so I added a half more pea for the stronger peach flavor and the unusual peach flavor for a

Rating of 4 wasabi peas out of a possible 5 wasabi peas.

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