Cheese Sable Biscuits

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These crackers are odd ducks. First off, they have a honey like coating on the top so they have a very definite sweet taste to them. You can see the coating glistening off of the crackers and it’s just not right. I mean, it’s a cheese cracker, what’s it doing with a coating of sticky sweet? It’s not a light dusting either, they want you to notice that these crackers are covered in sweet. So, the first thing I tasted was this odd honey like flavor which really threw me. (Editor’s Note: I just looked at the package and Orange is listed as an ingredient. That would explain why they taste like honey if they are glazed with an orange syrupy coating. OK…Orange and Cheese? Does the Japanese cracker palate distinguish by color?)

The second thing I noticed was the texture. Think of a Ritz and that’ll just about put you in the right ballpark. They are not quite as light and flaky as a Ritz but it’s such a fine distinction you might as well describe them as “almost Ritz” in texture. Not that being Ritz is a bad thing, but where’s the cheese?

Of the four or five people sampling the biscuits I think I was the only one who tasted anything that might have been considered “cheesy”. It’s a faint afterimage of a cheese ghosting but if you think hard enough about cheese they sorta taste like square, sweet Ritz crackers that were made in the same factory as white cheddar Cheese-its. I’m not sure I would have even recognized that weak of a cheese taste if I didn’t know I was eating Cheese Sable Biscuits. DQ mentioned that she thought they tasted buttery (again, like a Ritz) and I’d say…yeah. Sorta. I guess.

They are not bad but they are not memorable and what’s with the sweet? I would have given them a 2.5 but the others really rather enjoyed them so in difference to the majority, I’ll give Cheese Sable Biscuits a

Rating of 3 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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  1. Rands said,

    November 1, 2003 at 8:35 am

    Hey Boo. I was talking to Aya and she says that she has no clue where the heck you got CHEESE Sable Crackers. However, she says that there is a sesame or coco version that is to die for. She is determined to save the reputation of Sable Crackers so she will send you some of these as soon as she can grab them. We hope they will refresh Sable’s currently sullied reputation for you. 🙂 Rands in Japan

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