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As you can see, these Grill-A-Corn look an awful lot like Cheetos but with a slightly browner cast. They are smoother than Cheetos in crispiness too, if that makes any sense. Sometimes I find that Cheetos can be a bit rough, especially if you eat a lot of them. Not so much these. They rate well on the crispity factor.

Their taste is a toasted corn flavor with a bit of something…soy? TheMan initially thought this flavor might be sesame but on reading the ingredients list he was pretty sure the soy powder was the odd tasting flavor. I thought they had a bit of an artificial BBQ flavoring taste but just a slight one. Whatever the flavor was, though, we had only a small time to contemplate it before the SPICE kicked in. Whew, these guys have a bite. It’s a chili style bite (they have Chili Power as an ingredient) and it is sneaky. It lets you wait, maybe three Grill-A-Corns before SPICEY! As TheMan says “Wait for when the bite hits” and it will.

Most everyone thought the G-A-C were good, maybe not something to write home about, but munchable. Even the meatatarians liked them and they are corn. So overall, not so bad but eh. There are probably more things that taste better but there are definitely many more things that taste worse. So, I’m going to give Grill-A-Corn a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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