Mousse Pocky

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This is Pocky, and I’ve done a review of Pocky here and here and today’s entry is pretty much the same sort of philosophy: Crunchy stick with chocolate-esque coating. Mousse Pocky, however, is visually backwards from most Pocky in that the stick is dark and the coating is light. Still, Pocky is as Pocky does. Damn, I needed to have reviewed one more Pocky to have made that work. Oh well.

Mousse Pocky has a chocolate stick with a “whipped cream” dip. The stick is, again, reminiscent of a cylindrical graham cracker (even a chocolate one) but not as chocolaty as you might find a Teddy Graham to be. So far, in tasting several but not many Japanese chocolate cookie/cracker things I have discovered that the Japanese seem to like their chocolate cookie/cracker rather light on the chocolate flavor. Then again, I could have just run into a few brands of chocolate-light cookie/cracker things. Who knows? I do know that Mousse Pocky’s base stick is a chocolate graham like stick with not as much chocolate flavor as one might expect.

Don’t knock them for their lack of chocolaty tasting base though, it actually works in the Pocky’s favor. The coating, which BTW is nicely thick ‘ more so than I have seen on a lot of Pocky, has a vanilla-y white chocolate thing going for it. Maybe this “whipped cream” coating thing the Japanese have is some sort of white chocolate type coating with a slightly different formula than the American standard because it sure did almost taste like white chocolate to me. White chocolate with a little extra “Mmmmm!” thrown in. TheMan said it tasted like the yogurt coating on yogurt raisins (or pretzels or whatever you happen to coat with yogurt) and I’d agree with that assessment too, but there was definitely a white chocolate taste in there as well. Yogurt white chocolate? Can they do that? Whatever the extra added flavor may be, the coating is melty, smooth and very sweet. The chocolate-light stick is just right in crunch and “not so sweet” and with that mild hint of chocolaty chocolate it really sets off the coating well.

Good crunch, good mix and good all around, I’m going to give Mousse Pocky a

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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