Hello Panda (chocolate)

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Hee. “Hello Panda”. That cracks me up. Yes, again these were food bought solely for the packaging. Incase you have been playing at home, these were also bought at a store that was not either of my mainstays of Japanese Snack Foods. Where you ask? Why that renowned international hot spot of action: Busch’s! Heh. Don’t all go piling there at once because you will quickly exhaust their entire stock.

So these Panda’s…or Hello’s…or however they want to be addressed are crackery/cookie coated flavored glop. Yeah, doesn’t THAT sound appetizing? In truth, they weren’t bad at all. The cookie like crust was sort of a graham cracker texture, Ritz construction, chocolate chip cookie (without the chips) tasting experience. It was nice and crunchy in a vaguely flaky way and it had some sweet to it, but not too much and it had a slight flavor but nothing so bold as, say, graham. It served its crunchy coating function very well.

As for the “glop”, inside was a dollop of smooth chocolate-esque filling. It was more along the texture of a chocolate truffle or fudge but it really wasn’t very chocolaty at all. It was brown, but there wasn’t an overwhelming sensation of eating chocolate like one might expect. It was closer to eating Nutella but not as nutty. It was good, though, don’t let me sway you otherwise. They just weren’t outstandingly chocolate by any means.

They did have cute little panda pictures on them though. Take a peek.

We didn’t take stock as to how many different panda pics there were, but I’d guess 7 or so. Hee. That was pretty fun. Look, Pandas!

Most everyone agreed that Hello Panda (chocolate) were good, including the people who were not so fond of chocolate. They won’t rock your world, but they will fulfill any crunchy-sweet snack cravings you might have. Pick up a box, munch on them, enjoy them, they are decently good. Good enough to get a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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  1. Yuki said,

    May 7, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    I love those thinks 😀 they sell them at a gas station close to my house i buy a ton of them.

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