Hello Panda (strawberry)

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Hello Panda, you are looking mighty fine in strawberry today. Yes, this is the strawberry version to the chocolate Panda so it’s pretty much the same thing but with a dollop of strawberry stuff in the center. It still has the crispy not quite cookie, sweeter than a cracker coating thing going on and the coating on the strawberry is every bit as competent in its crunchy cookie like function as the chocolate. Good stuff here, but again, not so outstandingly great that I’d give up an appendage for it. Not even my little toe, but I might pause a bit before deciding.

The strawberry filling is the same fudge/truffle consistency as the chocolate but the strawberry has a much stronger flavor. I once remarked that the Japanese are very hit or miss in the strawberry department, but this one has officially expanded the Japanese strawberry horizon. While it isn’t just as good as eating a fresh strawberry as some of the Snack foods have managed, it is a far cry from the Strawberry Flavoring Formula 403 syndrome that I have encountered with other strawberry delights. Panda is pretty much smack in the middle of the strawberry spectrum. I didn’t taste any hint of chemical flavoring yet it definitely had a processed strawberry going for it. Bubbles was all about the Captain Crunchberry flavor and I’d have to say that is a pretty good estimation. Crunchberry has never been renowned for it’s true to life strawberry flavor, but it’s not a bad flavor either.

Notice though, more panda heads!

Wheee! It’s a panda in a tea cup on a panda head shaped cookie thing!

So these too were quite munchable and fulfilled the sweety crunch snack obligation so I’m going to give these the same

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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