Tohato Caramel Corn (green tea)

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Today we revisit the Tohato Caramel Corn family with their newest concoction: Green Tea Caramel corn! Ahhh, green tea and caramel. Two great tastes that taste…like they should have never gotten in the same factory much less on the same piece of candy. What IS it with the green tea and the Japanese?

I think I’ve said before, I am not green tea’s biggest fan (I’m much more of a good strong black tea person) and I’m certainly not green tea flavor’s biggest fan by a long shot. Still, I tried to keep a fairly open mind when tasting these critters. After all, they do not look like shrimp or little poos so they have at least that going for them. Instead, they look a whole lot like Veggie Booty. Veggie Booty tastes like ass, if I remember my brief exposure to it (sorry guys, it kinda does), so being reminded of ass right out of the package wasn’t the best of starts. Still, as TheMan said (waning but hopeful), “They should have the good crunch of the Tohato corn and the sweet of the caramel to offset the green. Right?”

First of all, they got that mouth melting crunch thing going on that the other flavors of Tohato Caramel corn had. I have to hand it to the Tohato company, they can do the crunch and melt thing like they invented it. Very nice crunch, very good melt follow up. Second of all (can you actually say that?) they have the sweet going for them too. It’s not particularly a caramely sweet but more of a sugary sweet (think maybe light Karo syrup sweet) but they have the sweet. They also have the green. Yes, this snack tastes green.

Take heart though, it’s not a pervasively bad green. TheMan commented that the taste was both fascinating and simultaneously repulsive but I wouldn’t go quite that far. Fascinating, sure because I couldn’t stop eating the things but I’d go with a more repugnant because after the delicious crunch and wonderful melt and tasty sweet there was the lingering green. It’s a bitter green like the dregs of a family pot of green tea brewed for one person. It isn’t so much of a strong green but it lingers (unless you happen to pop another in your mouth. The only trouble there is eventually you run out of caramel corn and you are still left with the green) long after you have eaten the snack. Good if you like the green, bad if you don’t.

If you are a green tea lover you might want to add a pea or two to the rating but unanimously polled, all my guinea pigs voted to give Tohato Caramel Corn (green tea) a

Rating of 2.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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