Mild Bitter

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Oh my oh! And here I thought I was completely out of JSF for this weekend until wala! I found the pics for this and the hot chili guys in my over burgeoned “attach” folder (Eudora will not delete attachments if you happen to delete the parent e-mail. PAIN IN MY ATTACHMENTS FOLDER!). Whooo! Of course, this does not preclude my buying more JSF when I go shopping and I plan to be frequenting the store with the frozen mochi. There was a bit of an accident with the first mochi buying (more on that later when I review the freezer mochi) so I might just have to rebuy the mochi and rereview it.

Heh. Rereview.

Anyway. This is not mochi, obviously, but it is this week’s Japanese Snack Food offering so let’s get on with the reviewing shall we? Good.

No, I mean good as in “these taste good”. Mild bitter are slabs of dark chocolate wrapped up all cute like in individual packages, much akin to those chocolate dipped candy sticks. They would make good pillow chocolates or after dinner chocolates with their individual wrapping snazziness. They also make good sweetie snack foods too, although they aren’t super stellar with the sweetiness gig. They aren’t bad either, but I just can’t really get all joyous and whatnot about a slab of dark chocolate.

As far as dark chocolate goes, Mild Bitters are pretty good. They have a good chocolaty base and that nice cocoa bite of most decent dark chocolates. They are thinner than, say, a Hershey’s Special Dark and a bit smoother too. I’ve always found that the Special Darks take a bit of sucking on before they get to the delicious melty in your mouth stage. Mild Bitters are much smoother in that respect and are almost immediately mouth melty. Score! However, they are not quite as bite sized as your average Hershey miniature. Half a bitter is a nice mouth munching quantity while you can fit a whole Special Dark Mini in your mouth at once.

Not to dis Mild Bitter but when all was said and done, it was just a slab o’ chocolate in fancy packaging. I can’t believe I just typed the words “Just chocolate” but this boo thought there might be something more to Mild Bitter given the packaging and presentation. Nope, although in all fairness it was pretty decent and tasty chocolate. Therefore, and because a chunk of chocolate, while good, isn’t something to write home about, I’m going to give Mild Bitter a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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