Bourbon Chocoliere

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These are cookie sticks with chocolate tops. All in all they didn’t much rock anybody’s world but they were serviceable as cookies. The base cookie is vaguely reminiscent of short bread but less sweet and less buttery. It also tastes very wheaty, like a wheat based graham cracker short bread cookie (of doom). They reminded me of Carr’s wheat crackers, which was strange to find topped with chocolate.

The chocolate is your pretty standard chocolate coating. It is soft but a tad stretchy, more like frosting or taffy rather than candy chocolate. Still, the chocolate topping is pretty tasty even if it doesn’t wow the pants off of you. It gets the chocolate job done.

Despite the rather meh-ness of the cookies as a whole we all thought they might be very tasty with coffee or hot chocolate. The cookie base feels like it might make an excellent dunking cookie. We didn’t have hot anything to eat with the cookies, unfortunately, but it’s worth a try if you happen to have any hot tasty drink that would like a cookie companion.

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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