Decorator Pocky – Chocolat de Caramel

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OK! Back to Pocky, because there is always room for Pocky. Sadly, I’ve lost my original notes on these but I have auxiliary notes with all my Guinea Pig comments. Alright then, sally forth! Decorator Pocky: Chocolat de Caramel is fancy shmancy Pocky, which is still basically “chocolate stuff on a stick”. This particular variety of chocolate stuff on a stick is much prettier with the swirls and whatnot but underneath all the oooo and the pretty! it is still your basic quasi graham cracker/Ritz cracker stick dipped in chocolate. The stick is, again, all about the light wheaty taste which is not as sweet as a graham but sweeter than a Ritz. It’s more solid than a Ritz too, but I think at this point in time I have done Pocky to death. Same stick, moving on.

The chocolate coating is pretty impressive. There is a nice respectable layer of base chocolate and then the white drizzle thing on top of that. This Pocky has got the chocolate goo coating going for it in spades babE! Two pea thumbs up for that, cuz you can never have enough chocolate goo. I think this Pocky might be the thickest coated Pocky I’ve yet reviewed. If not, then it certainly has to tie the current champion of boss chocolate coating.

And look, just like decoration cake! You know…if your cake came about 4 inches long and with a diameter of maybe a quarter inch. Heh, I love me some Engrish.

Decorator pocky was weirdly hard to peg in terms of flavor. The package mentions caramel (but weirdly only on the top flap) and I think that the strange inverted cooked yam looking thing might possibly be some sort of caramel like thing-it. Maybe. If you squint hard and do that fuzzy thing with your vision. I had it pegged as candied orange or maybe ginger pear but caramel was not even close to being on the list. Anyhow, the chocolate coating, which is your standard Pocky chocolate (read: not too bad, sort of heavier on the cocoa end but not bitterly so, somewhat melt in the mouth) but there was a hint of a back ground flavor as well. I thought it might be the caramel but I wouldn’t have said outright “Dude! Chocolate with caramel, definitely” if I hadn’t noticed that the word ‘caramel’ was part of the description. Other Guinnea Pigs said they thought it was a coffee flavor. It was about split 50/50 on the coffee taste, however, so even that wasn’t a certainty. I’d be comfortable calling the flavor “chocolate mocha with a half shot of caramel” and I think that sums everything about up.

My Guinnea Pigs also varied in their response to the Pocky. Sis was quoted as saying, “Can’t say as I would like it”, while Mr. Paul’s mom was ALL about the Decorator Pocky. Nobody hated it outright, nobody thought it was the candy to end all candies. Therefore, I’ll give Decorator Pock a slightly above average

of 3.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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