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And to all who know what I’m talking about, you can imagine my relief at finding absolutely no Spanish on this packaging what-so-ever so neither I nor anyone else who would have gotten the reference had to gouge our eyes out when we looked upon the candy. Still, mentally every time I think of Toppo, I say to myself “El Toppo” and that’s quite bad enough right there. Must. Scour. Brain.

Alright then, moving on. Toppo (no El) is sort of inverted pocky where the stick is on the outside and the goo is on the inside. I’ve been wanting to do this inside out pocky for quite some time so here it is. First off: The stick!

For starters, it’s not quite the same sort of stick as pocky. It is, however, very reminiscent of Pucca in that it is very much a pretzel kind of deal. Again, like Pucca, it is a very bland pretzel since there is not a drop of salt anywhere in, on or near the stick. I do believe a sodium-o-meter would come up with a negative number there is that much non saltiness going on. Strike one for the stick shell because a no salt pretzel is one of the blandest things known to man, save maybe cardboard. It really depends on where the cardboard has been though. The stick looks like pretzel, has a tactile pretzelness to it (being that is has a sort of shiny tasting coating to it. Yes, shiny tasting. I guess it would be something like a buttery coating that has been baked on but remove all the flavor associated with butter. What you are left with is shiny), a pretzel like crispness but without the salt it’s very disappointing. I don’t need a lot of salt, just a tiny smidgen to give the bland a smack in the head.

The filling is a nice solid chocolate with the typical Japanese flair for erring on the slightly bitter side. The Japanese seem to like a amore bitter (bitterer? Heh) chocolate and the Toppo filling is no exception. Again, the chocolate is good and tasty but not the be all and end all of chocolate. Still, very serviceable as far as chocolate goes. Mmmm, chocolate. The chocolate even helps with the non salty pretzel coating disappointment so there’s a plus. The crunch and the chocolate are very pleasing, even if you happened to be totally bushwhacked by the sneaky chocolate innards. Mumses was fully expecting pretzels, was surprised yet pleased to discover a chocolate filling. Other Guinea Pigs likened the experience to eating an inside out Kit Kat, or possibly an inside out Twixt, but hold the caramel. All in all, it got pleasantly favorable reviews from everyone who tried it.

Now for the best part, the packaging. Plus pea points for errr…Toppo and the pup.
Panel 1
“Oh! Help! Help! This small pup is chasing me!”

Panel 2
“Oh! Say, perhaps if I throw this bone I have been running with for the past 7 blocks, the menacing pup will be distracted and I can make good my escape!”

Panel 3
“Whew! Look, the pup seems occupied with the bone I dropped! I’m so relieved I think I’ll just stand around here and watch the pup. ”
Panel 4
“AHHHHH! It’s ME the pup wants to eat! Help!”

I have no idea what that is all about. Quite frankly, I find it a tad disturbing. Also, we don’t have the full background so I don’t know if this dog was off leash and is chasing some poor chocolate filled pedestrian fresh from the butchers with a nice soup bone, or has Toppo stolen the bone from the pup and is getting what he deserves. Really, though, does Toppo deserve to be eaten? Perhaps with a touch of salt but it all seems a bit extreme to me. Still, amusement points for the packaging.

So, to wrap up, for a pleasing taste, funny packaging and because most of my Guinnea Pigs were good with the Toppo action, I think I’ll give Toppo a nice solid

Rating of 4 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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