Tohato Caramel Corn (yoghurt pineapple)

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Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more Tohato Caramel Corn Snack flavors, wala! Pineapple. Who would have thought to coat a corn doodle in a sweet pineapple flavoring? Chocolate I can see. Strawberry, well maybe. Green tea only because they are Japanese but pineapple? But there you go, pineapple caramel corn and do you know what? The Japanese can do fruit when they set their mind to it because




These were totally the TasTAY and would have proudly wrapped themselves in the coveted five pea rating save for the dissenting vote of one of my Guinea pigs. Well, humbug because these fellas were every bit as good as the strawberry Tohato Caramel corn, only pineapplier. Plus, a yellow corn doodle and yellow pineapple flavor dusting are a harmonious thing so no shrimp and no do doodles.

Lemmie take you through the pineapple Tohato Caramel Corn experience. It all starts with the funny looking bag. It truly does because I took one look at that pineapple fella and he/she/it made me laugh. Why does a pineapple have large blue innocent eyes? Who knows! Great hat though, nice jaunty angle. Score for the packaging!

Next is the opening of the package, which took quite a bit of fussing. Not that fussing is in any way a pea detractor or enhancer but it did take three people yanking and pulling and looking for sharp implements of bag opening before we could have any of the pineapple caramel corn. Of all the Tohato caramel corns, this one was by far the most effort to get into. Once they were open, however, it was like we set off a pineapple napalm explosion. Except without the explosion or the napalm. Ever rip one of those perfume pages in a magazine? Imagine they had pineapple corn doodle perfume and that was about the intensity of the smell. Mmmmm, pineapple.

And now onto the taste. I’ve done the doodles and these are no exception. Same corn doodle base, same melt in mouth yet crunchy quality. Nothing’s changed there. The pineapple flavor, however, is totally new. Somehow, they managed to not only get pineapple as, say, Lifesaver might offer pineapple but also if Crunchberry came in pineapple and if the fruit itself maybe just moseyed by and got stuck in the bag. They were sweet like Lifesavors, flavorful like Crunchberries might be and the right hint of tart zing like the actual fruit is wont and oft to taste. I loved these things, I could crunch them all day. Happily. Alas, they do not package that many pineapple caramel corn doodles in one bag so I had to make due with a couple good handfuls. Still, yum! And most of my other Guinea pigs agreed with me there. Yum. So, being every bit as good as the strawberry but not quite so unanimous, I grant the Tohato Caramel Corn (yoghurt pineapple) a

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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