Tohato Caramel Corn X

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Cheeeeeeeeese. I’d do anything for cheese. Although…caramel corn and cheese. Errr. Hmmm. Really, I picked this up because it is yet another in the series of Tohato Caramel Corn Snacks. Oh and also the strange anthropomorphic Bondesque “X”. Oh oh, and the fact that nothing in the name or ingredients actually says that these are cheese doodles, well nothing except that “Cheese” is written nebulously off to one side of the package. What’s that about? Tohato Caramel Corn X (insert reverb f/x here) … … … …Cheese. Not cheese caramel corn.

Caramel corn X!

Yeah. Weird, but that’s exactly what these are: Caramel corn… … …cheese, because despite the initial whiff of CHEESE, there is not much happening on the cheese front. If you are one of the people who are looking for the CHEESE, this is not the snack for you. They sort of have a weak white cheddar cheese flavor to them with a hint of sweet and the usual corn doodle base. An anemic cheese doodle if you will. They are also a tad salty, but a good salty in the tasty salty snack way. As usual, these are the same Tohato corn doodle caramel corn flavored whatsits that we have come to know and love (see above links for earlier materials) so blah blah melt in your mouth, reminiscent of Planter’s Cheese puffs cakes. You get the picture. What you don’t usually get, though, is distressingly cheesey bland but weirdly addictive all wrapped in one mediocre corn doodle. Weird.

Most of my guinea pigs weren’t overly thrilled with this snack since it was a tad sweet, a tad cheesy, a tad crunchy and entirely meh. Yes, even the happy crunch one should get from a cheese doodle was less than satisfying. Still, there was something about their sorta cheese, kinda sweet, nicely salty, rather pithy texture that made them repetitively poppable despite their overpowering underwhelmingness. Creepy that, it’s like they were peppered with crack and that’s just not right.

They were edible and somewhat tasty so the pigs and I decided to give them a

Rating of 2.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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