Decorer Pocky (Fraise au Chocolate)

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Oooo, look! Just like a decoration cake but…on a stick (steeeeeeeeek). Here’s the strawberry version of Decorer Pocky and I just found another version today so y’all can look forward to that. Right then, onto Decorer Pocky, strawberry style.

First off, the SNIFF!!! Man, these things come right out of the gate with the intense strawberry odor. You can almost smell the strawberry without having to open the inner sealed package it’s that strong. Woah. It’s also pretty darned tasty smelling.

Before we get to the taste though, I just want to call your attention to the design. We thought that the strawberry Decorer Pocky was much more visually pleasing what with the pink and the swoops with the chocolate contrasting. Very nice-plus fractional pea points for presentation. Isn’t it a pretty pocky? Of all the pocky I’ve tasted so far, this one is the nicest looking.

The taste is…well strawberry in that strange Crunchberry strawberry that we have visited many times before at the JSFR. This isn’t horrible STRAWBERRY FORMULA C-32A but it isn’t fresh from the farm strawberry either. It’s something in between which is both bad and good. I’d say pleasant in a manufactured way and move on from there.

The stick is the stick. If you are new to pocky, go have a peek at some of the former pocky entries to get a handle on the stick. There is too much pocky in this world to keep going over the stick and look at that, I’ve almost got an entire paragraph about not talking about the stick! I will let you know that Decorer Pocky (strawberry) uses the typical vanilla/graham stick for their pocky base.

I like Decorer Pocky because they are all about the chocolate. Like its cousin the caramel flavor, strawberry lays the chocolate on thick. Yum! However, I wasn’t as pleased with the chocolaty part of the chocolate as I have been with other pocky. The chocolate was nice and smooth and melty but it tasted a bit weak to me. Try munching on a bunch of semisweet chocolate chips and then grab some milk chocolate chips and you might see where the chocolate here is going. Milk chocolate is good, but it just doesn’t pack the punch like the semisweet does and the strawberry Decorer Pocky definitely felt like it was going down that milk chocolate road. Really, it would be much better semisweet but it isn’t and that’s that. Still, most people rather liked them, more or less, so I’ll give Decorer Pocky Fraise au Chocolat a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5. More or less.

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