Harvest (chocolate)

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Mmmm, chocolaty. Mmmm, crispity. Mmmm, cacao-y. Or something. Badmovie is always amused by the ingredients of JSF (he found the dolomite in Harvest sesame) so I took a peek. Of course there is cocoa but there is also cacao and cacao mass (I guess the first one is the special massless type of cacao) and Oooo, coffee! But my favorite has got to be the ingredients right after cocoa: Bread crumbs! Hee, Six out of seventeen is bread crumbs. I should look at the ingredient list more often, it’s fun!

Speaking of coffee, Harvest (chocolate) is most excellent with coffee, even excellenter (yes, excellenter. I made it a word just now) as an aftertaste with coffee aftertaste. Something about the semi bitter but slightly sweet Harvest cocoa mixes very well with the usual bitter coffee aftertaste. MmmmmMmmm! I also had occasion to try Harvest (chocolate) with hot cocoa and I would like to report that Harvest (chocolate) is excellent with hot cocoa too. I was sort of surprised by that because I usually find that chocolate goodies and hot cocoa very rarely mesh well. I think there is a chocolate dominance thing going on and instead of being doubly chocolaty good the cocoa either tastes ho hum or the chocolate goody tastes ho hum. Not Harvest (chocolate). There was tasty chocolaty cocoa and crispity bitter cocoa-y crackers. Yum.

And I think that’s what tasty about Harvest (chocolate). It’s chocolate, sure but it is also a bit bitter, like cocoa with maybe a hint of roundness from the coffee. And it’s crunchity too. Nicely crunchity. Thin and crunchity. Crunchity crunchity. One of my Guinea pigs said that she thought they could use a bit more fat, but another remarked that he almost didn’t feel guilty eating them. Everyone generally liked them so I’ll give them a nice round

Rating of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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