Xylish Citrus Green

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Again with the Xylish. Today’s feast is brought to you by the concept “Minty” and the flavor “Grapefruity”. Like the previous couple of offerings, this Xylish has got the minty-mentholy going for it. I chewed a piece the other day for about a half hour and while the companion flavor (which we will get to in a bit) dies back after about 5-10 minutes from its initial burst of FLAVOR!, the mintholation stuck around for a half hour or more. It might have stayed for hours and hours but I decided a half hour was good enough for one piece and ditched it. But still, a half hour.

What makes Citrus Green different from Aqua Green, Clear Green, and Crystal Mint is that Citrus Green tastes (wait for it) Citrusy. Bet you didn’t see that coming eh? This is a definite grapefruit citrus, however, rather than a sort of general citrus citrus. It’s a lot like chewing on a piece of mintholaty Squirt gum and this is not a bad thing. I like Squirt quite a lot, actually. It’s a nice light refreshing citrus taste and so is the non mintholated part of this gum. You might be wondering if mintholated and grapefruit can coexist and I assure you they can. Quite admirably so. I’m only sad that the initial burst of GRAPEFRUITY doesn’t hang around as bold as it starts out. Still, how many gums these days can do that?

The other three Xylish (-ishes? -ishi?) got 4.5 pea ratings and I can’t see why this one can’t go that high as well. It’s got the crunchity crunch (non)candy shell (remember, it’s sugarless!), the wicked cool box in a box packaging, and the slick wrapping of its cousins and it has a nice refreshing taste and lasting mintholaty. I really liked the color combo of this particular packaging as well and gave it a couple imaginary pea points for aesthetics above and beyond the call of cool. Hey, the packaging already got points for being rad, this is just slightly redder than rad. Whatever, I would just like to point your way to the nice brushed gold metallic background and the complementary green writing. Very nice, no? Si, verra nice.

In summation, I’m going with a

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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