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OK, can I get a round of “hee!’ for these little guys? I mean, look at them, so cute and tiny in their wrapping. Awwwww! I heart Cubyrop. Oooo, look! I just noticed that they are made by Bourbon, the makers of other fine tasty JSF treats (which I’m not going to link to because I’m a Cheeto Butt). Most every Bourbon thing I have come across I’ve liked more or less so I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Bourbon has the snack food thing (as far as an American palate is concerned) down pat. Yay Bourbon! (Which is a sentence you can use for many occasions, actually. I encourage it! Make today a YAY BOURBON day.)
Right. Before I get in to the actual candy, I just want to wax briefly on the ingredients. Badmovie’s got me studying the ingredients of the JSF now, ever since he found the shellac in Choco Baby. Chucklesnort. Shellac. So, I took a peek at Cubyrop to see what stuff they were made of. Sugar? Check. And also duh. Millet Jelly? Also check. And also…what? Millet jelly? There is “fruits juice” which makes me giggle. Of course there is if you are using more than one fruit. The plural of fruit it fruits right? In case you were wondering, the fruits are: Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple, Peach, Melon, Lemon and Orange. The last ingredient of interest is “soy bean oil”. Not what I would expect in a hard candy.
BTW, Cubyrop is hard candy.
So! I had a bunch of people Guinea on these and…I lost my notes. So, so! I’m starting from scratch and real time testing to boot. The things I do for you junkies (after losing my notes and delaying this review until I lost the first bag and had to purchase a second, but let’s not get in to that. Focus on the fun real time entry!)
Cubyrop: Tiny fruity (or fruitsy?) hard candy that comes in 5 colors. The hard candy is nicely smooth and I love the tiny bitty square design. They are like Tic Tacks only cubular. Don’t worry about the corners, they are actually not as pointy as one might fear. Let’s break down the flavors, shall we?
Cubyrop Close.jpg
Orange: Here’s where the peach went. There might also be a hint of something else, perhaps the pineapple as a sort of extra flavor boost or more logically Orange but primarily this is the peach flavor. I would have expected this to be the orange flavor but peach is OK, although I’m not really fond of peach. Still, I’d give it a thumbs up for peach.
Dark Pink: Strawberry! Yes indeedy do, this is strawberry with…what could that be? Grape? Melon? There is another background flavor here that gives a little mellowness to the strawberry but I can’t identify it over the primary strawberry flavor. You might be asking at this point in time, which Japanese strawberry graces Cubyrop, since strawberry seems to be a hit or miss (or miss very badly) flavor for JSF. It’s not Crunchberry and it’s not real strawberry, although it comes darned close. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being an actual strawberry, I’d give this an 8. Maybe it’s the secondary flavoring messing with my taste buds which prevents this strawberry from being the real deal. On the other hand, I kind of like the duality taste it has going on. YAY Strawberry!
Yellow: Hmmmm. I would expect yellow to be lemon, but there I go again with my American expectations. In the guessing game of flavors, look no more for pineapple because hello! I can’t really taste any other flavors here, so pineapple it is. If you’ve ever tried the Lifesaver pineapple flavor, cube it up and that’s what you got here. Still, tasty.
Light Pink: Blech. I think this is melon and while it isn’t the melon ass of Puchi Pasuteru it isn’t exactly on the other end of the spectrum either. Let’s call it melon thigh and be done with it. You know, there might even be some tangy citrus in there too but bleh. Melon. Next.
Green: Errr….grape? But not a purple grape, more a white grape and I don’t so much like this flavor either. It’s a little too made up grape, a GRAPE FLAVOR 772 if you will. I suppose it isn’t hideous but I wouldn’t walk a mile for it, or even perhaps across the room. I’d certainly eat it over the light pink though so that says something.
The random packaging of cube colors supports the idea that Bourbon wants you to pop a couple of these things in your mouth for a fruit concoction of Cubyrop but I think I am going to bow out on that experience. My suspicions are that they might taste like a mouth full of fruitsy hard candy and hopefully the better flavors are strong enough to overcome the lesser flavors. One can only hope, but my mouth is beginning to sugar burn on me so I’ll leave the experimenting up to you JSFR junkies. I will say that I would certainly buy Cubyrop again (err…again again technically) and even foist it on my unsuspecting friends (and not fear retribution). Cubyrop, with its cute cubes, cute dual and random packaging and at least 3 decent and tasty flavors (you peach lovers will, I’m sure, agree that the peach is the tasty) and fruits juice already has itself a
of 4 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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  1. Marcelina said,

    April 17, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Haha, they seem pretty good, but i really doubt that my dad (who is a health & fitness junkie) or my mom (trying not to buy me sweets) are gonna get it for me, and i wont even get it for me cause im only 12 and I dont get an allowence. Sucks to be me. lol

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