Milk Caramel

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By the kind heartedness of Badmovie and LunarGeography, we have flavor number two of the Morinaga Br. caramely candy. I know there are at least three flavors (and yes, I did procure the third through the kind heartedness of DQ), possibly four unless I was on crack that day, and I also know that this one is the only one with English on the side. Incidentally, when I went last time (when there were either four flavors or three and a figment of my imagination) I do not believe any of the packages had English on them, save the after stuck ingredients label. Now? We have Big Bold English on one package and Kokuto Caramel seems to have disappeared.

Actually, that’s an interesting point. I wonder if every time I go to My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store if there will be one less flavor of Morinaga caramel? My personal theory is that the Milk Caramels are eating the other flavors in a bid for Morinaga Caramel dominance because not only were Kokuto and the mysterious fourth flavor conspicuously missing, but there were teeny tiny packages of Milk Caramel along side the parent packages. These JSF territory feuds are getting weird.

Again these caramels have the universal caramel brotherhood stripey markings and are in the traditional square shape of caramelhood. They aren’t as cubical as Kraft or Brach’s caramels but they are of a nice mouth popping dimension. They are smooth with a firm taffy squishiness and to all intents and purposes they are your standard caramel. No surprises with the construction.
The taste on the other hand is caramel and a little something extra. Whereas the Kokuto had its molasses sleeve ace, Milk Caramel might be said to go the butterscotch route. There is less smoky dark caramel flavor to Milk Caramels and more a smooth milky buttery(scotch) flavor but underneath there is still your basic caramely caramelness. It’s like caramel but tastier. At least I think so. I also really like butterscotch too so there is that.

(and a bonus plus: I like the packaging. Pretty!)

Most of the Guinea pigs were suitably impressed with the butter-amel taste and satisfied with the caramel consistency so I’ll go ahead and grab the same rating from Kokuto and apply it here. Both are tasty good in their different ways and neither was superior nor inferior to the other. Congrads, Milk Caramel, for achieving a

Rating of 4.5 Wasabi Pea out of a possible 5.

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