Flute Wafers (chocolate)

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Here is flavor two from Golden Time: Chocolate. It’s also snack three following the flute theme. Tootle-toot! OK, that was fun, but on to the review, shall we? These cookies are like the other two cookies with the Pirouette like tubes with stuff in the middle. Same lovely crispity and same wonderful light crispy. The difference here is the inside filling.

The filling is a nice dusky cocoa-y chocolate with a little hint of something…caramelly? When I opened the package there was a whiff of chocolate as well as an illusive caramelly smell. It’s not so caramel as to scream out CARAMEL, but more of a sly extra smell that isn’t chocolate or cookie but something else. That’s the same way it tastes. Big cocoa chocolate flavor with a hint of caramelly hiding about the edges.

These would be perfect with a glass of hot cocoa (which I’m drinking right now and will report that they do go smashingly together) or perhaps coffee. Or they snack just fine by themselves. The strange ghosting of caramelly may or may not be your thing (TheMan reports that he isn’t really fond of it) but Flute Wafers (chocolate) hold their own. I think I’ll give them a

Rating of 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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